Find your passion and then step into your leadership!

My niece sent me an article that was posted in the National Post on Sunday, November 14, 2010 that she found of interest -

The article ended as follows:

“So — my advice to dreamers: Don’t just follow your dream. Do what it takes to earn it. To achieve it. To be worthy of it. Because if you don’t, it will never, ever, really be yours.”

While I agree with many of the comments written by the author, Harrison Solow, I think there are a few things that must be in place to achieve your dream. Not only is it important to know your passion and put in place actions to achieve it. You also need to believe in yourself and what is possible in order to realize the dream. This means stepping into your leadership.

Let me illustrate this by way of an example. I was talking to a client of mine this morning. She has achieved much success in her life and on the surface she has a successful, fulfilling and productive life. However, there is something missing in her life – passion and a connection to “it”. What “it” means, is not totally clear to her just yet. She has spent over 25 years pursuing her professional career doing what people expected of her.

What is most interesting for both of us is that something is holding her back from stepping into those dreams and just doing it. What we have found, in our coaching sessions, is that it is the internal critic in her and her surrounding network that says “you can’t do it”, “you are not good enough”, “when are you going to get it right” blah, blah, blah that is keeping her from stepping into her magnificence and her leadership. That is the noise in her life that is holding her back.

So, are you ready to have success in your life and in your career? Try these steps on for size:

  • first have a dream
  • then create an action plan to make it happen
  • blow up those self limiting beliefs that say it is not possible
  • surround yourself with a network who believe in you and will support you as you create new assumptions and beliefs about what you can do
  • continue “doing” until you get it right, while at the same time learning all the time
  • celebrate your successes and failures along the way

2 Responses to “Find your passion and then step into your leadership!”

  1. Janice says:

    Bonnie ~ so much of this resonates with me especially the part about surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and will support you. We all need support as we grow and change. And having someone who sees your higher self is so key.

  2. admin says:

    I can’t agree more, Janice. And what we sometimes have to do is change our network as we are changing, even if it is hard to do. The reason I say this is because, as you note,it is having the support of people who see your higher self and who belief in what is possible for you. Having that support is absolutely critical as you “blow up” your old assumptions and create new ones about what is possible. Thanks for sharing. Bonnie

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