“I came to Bonnie seeking more from my career and with an appetite to explore alternative avenues that would provide greater personal gratification; perhaps even a complete transformation. Her qualifications and breadth of professional experience drew me to explore initial conversations and ultimately a long-term partnership. Our journey began with a rigorous analysis of my background and strengths which in hindsight I can see was essential in helping Bonnie tap into my true ethos and lay a path for our mutual success. With a highly consultative approach, Bonnie has taught me more about myself in the time we have worked together than in any other combined periods of my life. These lessons have been catalysts for positive and tangible changes in my life – not only professionally but personally too. For those looking to capitalize on their true potential and invest in their future I would encourage them to meet with Bonnie to explore what is likely to become a fruitful partnership.”

Jade Chislett, Account Executive at Google

“Bonnie Flatt is a talented professional who I had the good fortune to work with during the summer and fall of 2013.  Bonnie’s role as coach was extremely helpful to me in both my professional and personal lives.  I like Bonnie’s supportive and direct style of communication.  She is a forthright in her feedback and offers observations that are astute and laser sharp.  Not one to waste time, occasionally, Bonnie had to remind me to move along if she didn’t feel I was getting to the point.  I wasn’t familiar with a coaching style which included illustrations drawn from the coach’s personal stories.  Although it was different from my own training in social work, I found the examples to be excellent teaching tools. Bonnie was an excellent resource and often recommended books, articles or ideas that were useful in our work together.   I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bonnie to others who are interested in getting better at communicating at work or at home. ”

Carol Seidman MSW, CFRE, Director, Tomorrow Campaign, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

“Bonnie gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach. Bonnie’s real life experience coupled with her true passion for coaching offers her a unique ability to quickly recognize and understand complex business relationships, while helping to guide you through a different way of thinking that results in significant and valuable changes in actions. With a tactful and to the point approach, she facilitates your exploration of behaviours that limit your success and channels your efforts towards tangible ways of modifying actions and outcomes. The effect is a renewed viewpoint that positively impacts all aspects of your life.”

LD, Vice President and General Manager of a Real Estate Company

“My coaching with Bonnie has caused me to think more intentionally and honestly about my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and has helped shaped my thinking on my future personal development plans. These things will have a positive effect on my contributions to the company that I do believe will lead to measurable improvements in tangible areas, but this will occur over the long haul rather than a few weeks or months. ”

LB, Operations Executive

“The quality of my coaching and talent development with my team has improved as a result of coaching with Bonnie.  Bonnie challenged me to take some different approaches, promoting open ended questioning and finding new ways to connect with my team.”

MZ, Team Leader

“Coaching sessions with Bonnie support me to explore my definition of authentic leadership and then put this into action in all areas of my life. Her coaching style nurtures while also challenging me to take risks to reach my goals. Thank you, Bonnie, for helping me see more clearly what I truly want and to confidently take the steps to reach my biggest dreams!”

DL, Creative Director and Entrepreneur

“I recently had the good fortune to spend several hours with Bonnie to explore a career direction. I left the session feeling energized and focused and have continued to reflect deeply on our conversation. Several days later I was in a job interview that went very well. Without Bonnie’s coaching I would not have been as successful; I achieved the clarity and focus that I was unable to do on my own. Thank you Bonnie, you are a gem!”

KA, HR Executive

“My biggest learning in working with Bonnie as my leadership coach was to stop, think and be aware of how I feel before I speak.  Previously, I would jump into conversations believing I had all the answers and my approach was the right way to proceed.  Now, I let go of having all the answers and being right and I ask more open ended questions.  I notice how I am feeling and what I am telling myself.  I am building more emotional intelligence.  This has resulted in my team sharing more ideas, building collaboration and coming up with ways of doing things that we would not have considered in the past.  I am seeing more creativity, engagement and results from my team.”

AT, Manager Medical Labs, Government Agency

“While the experience of facing my fears was emotionally very very challenging you were consistent in reminding me that I am capable – words which helped remind me that the emotions don’t define me.  Also, I have endeavored where possible to “drop” with my clients using some of the language I picked up from you.  Thanks so much!!”

MH, Entrepreneur

“Bonnie has had a remarkable impact on my life and work within the very short span she has been my leadership coach. I believe my life will come to be defined as “before and after my interactions with Bonnie”. I went into the coaching a little skeptical for the following reasons. I have practised mindfulness for several years now and have received feedback that I am an empathetic and caring leader with a relatively high EQ. Besides thinking I did not need to change, I also felt that little could be accomplished in 12 , two hour sessions. In addition, as a Vipassanna meditator, I believed that coaching was about behaviour modification which could not address the root cause of deeply embedded conditioning. Just half way through my sessions, I am amazed at how I am able to instantly notice attitudes, thoughts and behaviours that perpetuate long standing habits and conditioning that inhibit my personal growth. What has Bonnie done? She has lovingly and firmly reflected back at me the root cause of those deep seated habit patterns. She has done this with tremendous skill, poise, compassion and creativity, drawing them out with rigorous and attentive questioning, listening, storytelling, role plays and visioning exercises, all the while reinforcing those attitudes and behaviours that will foster my growth. There is a lot of work I need to do but to echo Bonnie’s advice, when you begin to notice you have made a start. I am thrilled to have Bonnie as a light shining on me so I can see myself for everything I am.”

LS, Executive Director of a Social Enterprise Organization 

“Within each of us is a powerful leader, yet we’re often held back by our perceptions of ourselves, be they real or imagined. Bonnie challenged me to explore those perceptions that were limiting and holding me back from fully experiencing my true potential. Through her insightful questions, “tools and resources” I have been able to step into and own my power. The possibilities are endless. Thank you!”

ML, HR Executive

“Working with Bonnie helped me develop as a leader. Using her wealth of experience and deep intuition, Bonnie asked me questions and provided me with exercises and thought leadership articles/talks that resulted in me developing a greater sense of self awareness as a leader and the impact my behavior and language had on others.  I also learned how to communicate and relate to others in a more influential manner by focusing on the individuals rather than me and letting go of needing to have all the answers.  Bonnie created a safe place for me to explore and let go of my limiting beliefs and behaviors, replacing them with more powerful ones to drive results.”

MB, Knowledge Management Executive

“Bonnie is an executive coach by trade and has the singular ability to cut through the pretension and duplicity of most leaders to find the heart of their true leadership personality.”

JA, President Software Company

“I wanted to say thanks for the support and advice you gave me when we had our discussions over the summer.  In all honesty, I wouldn’t have got this opportunity without you.  This role is a lot more customer-facing than I thought I wanted when I first started looking.  But through our conversations I discovered my passion does in fact lie in dealing with clients and providing customer support.  And because of that, I now have an amazing opportunity at a company I’ve always dreamed of working for! ”

SK, IT Professional

“Bonnie brings a combination of a rational, seasoned business perspective along with brilliant intuition and a keen sense of humour and playfulness to support me in stepping into my leadership. Her powerful questions and her wise insights are valuable guideposts on my journey. She is able to holding a client accountable, yet with compassion and empathy.”

EZ, HR Executive

“I have had the pleasure of being coached by Bonnie through a difficult decision making process in my professional and personal life. Bonnie very quickly coached me to focus in on the real issues and achieving clarity. In this situation there were so many issues and possible decisions available that I was having difficultly focusing or moving forward. Bonnie was very skilled at asking the right, and difficult, questions to bring me to a decision making point. I now feel that I can positively move forward and have clarity and purpose. Thank you Bonnie!”

LB, HR Executive

“Bonnie was a great support in helping to further work on my areas of opportunity that I identified in my corporate training. She prompted me with great questions to really figure out my next steps. She offered advice on questions to ask during one on one sessions with an under performer. I felt like as a team we came up with some focus areas as well as solutions to my current team scenarios. A huge surprise on how much I gained from these sessions. I think about it in my daily work as well as outside of work!!”

EK, Team Lead

“Over the last year, I’ve repeatedly had the privilege of being coached by Bonnie and learning from her as she coaches others. Bonnie brings an immense warmth to her coaching clients. They feel supported, understood, and challenged. She hears what they say, senses what they don’t say, and asks the questions they need to be asked to tap into their inner vision and their inner power. With Bonnie as your coach, you feel like you can aim high, and you know she’ll challenge you to do so!”

LM, Coach and Facilitator

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bonnie in several client engagements. Bonnie always brought value to our clients through her in-depth experience, both in the human capital and legal aspects. She is detailed oriented, very receptive and objective. All of these qualities make her an excellent professional and an asset to any organization.”

AR, Colleague at PricewaterhouseCoopers

“Bonnie is a committed, client-focused professional who consistently delivers in the most demanding environments.”

CG, Colleague at PricewaterhouseCoopers


Corporate Clients


Aviva Insurance

Barclays Bank PLC

Brookfield Residential Property Services

Cadillac Fairview



Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.

IHG – InterContintental Hotels Group

Johnson Matthey

Kraft Foods


Mars, Incorporated

McCarthy Tetrault

MCIS – Multilingual Community Interpreter Services

Mondelez International

NBC Universal

Richter Management Ltd.

Public Health Ontario

RBC – Royal Bank of Canada

Symphony IRI Group

Therapure Biopharma Inc.

Toll Group


VFM Leonardo Inc.








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