Bonnie uses a coactive coaching model that focuses on both personal and leadership development within the context of achieving specific, measurable, accountable and thrilling results (SMART goals).  How does this work?  You and Bonnie are active collaborators in getting clear on your goals and priorities.  You have the answers; Bonnie’s job is to help you find them.

Some of the tools that she uses include:

  • Role playing with feedback
  • Reflective exercises
  • Leadership assessment
  • Experiential learning from your own stories
  • Reframing of the situation by looking at different perspectives/approaches

Results you can expect:

  • unleash your human spirit – become alive
  • step into your authentic leadership style
  • enhance your natural leadership strengths
  • identify and overcome self perceived beliefs and values which may be limiting your performance
  • enhance your communication and influencing skills
  • develop a clear vision of you as a leader
  • create a strong executive image
  • develop and deepen your self awareness
  • create a culture of innovation for you and your team
  • build strong partnerships internally across functions
  • catalyze change
  • influence others
  • self insight (know strengths, weaknesses)